Wedgwood provides a wide variety of Volunteer Opportunities, ranging from helping with yard work to working 1:1 with a client in care.

Wedgwood Christian Services is thrilled to announce we have a new application system, called AppliTrack, which will better meet your needs as applicants. Effective July 1st, we will no longer post new positions on the Dominion system; however, we will continue to consider applications already submitted while we transition to AppliTrack. If you haven’t been contacted by a Human Resources Representative by July 31st, please, apply within our new application system. We are confident you will appreciate the changes and appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to provide you with a greater application experience. Sincerely, Human Resources Department Wedgwood Christian Services

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  • Mentor a child, age 8-17, living in a residential treatment home
  • Requires listening skills and positive leadership
  • Minimum of 1-2 hours/week interaction
  • Length of service commitment of 6-9 months


Clerical Assistance

  • Provide support to a variety of departments (i.e. filing, copying, collating, etc.)
  • Regular assistance needed for 2-3 hours per week or project assistance during peak periods


Activity Assistance

  • Teach a personal skill to clients (i.e. arts and crafts, music, etc.)
  • Length of service commitment depends on area of interest



  • Be available on an on-call or regular basis to transport clients to and/or from school, to their home and also to medical appointments


Chaplain's Assistant

  • Work under the direction of the Chaplaincy Department to lead 1 to 1 or small group bible studies
  • Participate in on-campus worship services
  • Spend a minimum of 1-2 hours per week on a bi-weekly basis
  • Opportunities available to serve in GEMS or Cadets programs


Facilities Assistant

  • Perform general maintenance duties as needed in and around the facilities (i.e. indoor and outdoor painting, auto maintenance, furniture repair, landscape work, etc.)
  • Assist in transporting vehicles for routine maintenance appointments



  • Assist clients in completing homework assignments
  • Work with clients in a small group or on an individual basis as needed
  • Meet with clients 1 time per week for a minimum of 1 hour


Church Family

  • Adopt a specific home and take clients from that home to church services or activities
  • A minimum of 2 times per month
  • Suggested length of commitment of 6-9 months


Manasseh Home

  • Mentor or help facilitate activities in the Manasseh home
  • Specific trauma focused trainings required
  • Minimum of 1-2 hours a week interaction
  • Length of service commitment of 6-9 months


Youth Enhancement Program

  • Assist clients in a group setting using skill-based teaching to reach at risk youth in home based care
  • Service commitment of 1 semester from 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. or 4:00 - 6:30 p.m. one night a week


Group Mentoring

  • Small group of individuals assist in program activities and groups for residential clients
  • Collaboration with residential staff members
  • Commitment depends on group development


Young Life Volunteers

  • Assist Young Life Leaders in organizing activities for clients
  • Facilities active participation during activities
  • Service commitment of 6-9 months




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