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Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your significant other – its about saying you love all of those around you – including your kids. We can dream of having a nice romantic evening with our partner on Valentine’s Day but reality strikes and the kids are yelling, wanting to play and needing your attention. No sweat! Here are some ways to incorporate the kids into your Valentine’s Day celebration:

  • Start the morning by giving each child a handmade card with a couple of reasons...
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Family can be defined in a number of ways: a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household, a group that is grounded by the same roots and shared values, people that are continuously present in our lives who offer us safety and security.

Many of the children that come through Wedgwood have suffered from trauma due to abuse and neglect. More often than not, the hurt that these kids carry around was inflicted by the ones they refer to as their family. To them...

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If you grew up like I did, your concept of family would include many of the following elements: a place of safety, a place of learning, a place where food and shelter were expected, where fairness and predictability were assumed, a place of trust, a place to give and receive. 

Some of our clients at Wedgwood come from wonderful, loving families but a large number do not, nor did their parents. They have no concept of family values or positive role modeling. Consider these words of a...

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