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  1. Talking, and talking early

    There’s a strong likelihood that your child already has opinions about drugs and alcohol. There’s also a good chance that the information is not accurate or maybe even dangerous. Every year the average age of drug and alcohol use decreases, so it’s never too early to talk (not lecture) about drugs and alcohol and understand what their opinions are. Be honest, keep communication open, and stay non-judgmental - allow your child to...

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My name is Michael Voss and I am the Residential Program Manager here at Wedgwood Christian Services. Prior to that, I served as the Program Supervisor in the VanAndel Summit Program which is a residential co-ed, co-occurring substance abuse treatment program. Working at Wedgwood has always been more than a job for me; it’s my ministry...

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I have a son who is a civil engineer. A few years ago I visited him while he was working on the Oakland California Bay Bridge project. I was astounded by all that goes into a gigantic bridge, but especially into the pillar foundations, dug out to reach bedrock, several hundred feet below the surface. 

On the humanity side of life, each of us has a foundation as well. It is housed in the most inner core of our being where life’s deepest questions and answers are held. That core of our...

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Every year during the Christmas season, armed with contributions from family, friends and co-workers, Terri shops for pajamas to give to the kids who call Wedgwood home. This particular year, the store was especially busy, hot and understaffed. As Terri stood in the long line with her two carts, she began losing patience and considered leaving and returning another time. At that moment a store manager tapped Terri on the shoulder and...

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The summer is ending and it is time to go back to school. Parents may be looking forward to a vacation from sibling battles and hearing, “I’m bored!” However, some parents are dreading the fight to make the transition into the next school year. Some children love the idea of getting back to school, seeing their...

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