Psychiatric Residential


Wedgwood’s Psychiatric Residential  Program is an opportunity to serve children experiencing acute emotional/behavioral struggles and their families. Its intent is to provide safety, structure, and support to stabilize symptoms and return to the community for intensive community-based services. 

This program is designed to serve adolescents who are stepping down from psychiatric hospitalization or as a diversion from hospitalization. The goal is for the child’s stay to be as short as possible while treatment occurs and support services for the family are put in place for when the child returns home. Group, individual, and family therapy sessions are a core component of this program. 

A variety of funding sources are accepted, including most commercial insurances. Clients need to meet medical criteria to remain in care, with lengths of stay similar to a psychiatric hospital, i.e. a few days to a few weeks.

Individualized treatment and professional excellence are the hallmarks of Wedgwood’s residential programs. Services include:

  • Trauma-sensitive treatment
  • Individual, family, and group therapies
  • Recreational therapy activities
  • Educational planning services
  • On-site school
  • Medical & psychiatric services
  • Dialectical Behavior-based Therapy

For more information call Wedgwood's Admissions Department at (616) 942-2110


Wedgwood’s innovative residential treatment services are designed for youth ages 8 - 17 who are struggling emotionally and behaviorally to the extent that they need out of home care. These services ensure safety for the client while they learn skills to manage their struggles and reconnect with family and supports. Wedgwood has extensive, intensive community services in West Michigan to assist families for the transition back home to support continued healing and wholeness.


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