Transforming Services


As one of Michigan's most regarded experts for helping hurting youth and families since 1960, Wedgwood Christian Services is dedicated to agressively taking on the toughest problems facing youth today. Our goal is to support and help restore the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being of children, adults and families within our community.

Wedgwood's professionally excellent, distinctively Christian continuum of care consists of Core Services (funded by public contract sources) and Transforming Services (funded 100% by donor contributions.) Together, these services create an innovative, comprehensive continuum of care that is unlike any other in West Michigan.

Transforming Lives

Wedgwood provides five key TRANSFORMING SERVICES which enhance our core services, are critical to our successful outcomes, and help change lives.

Our Transforming Services receive no public funding, and are funded 100% by donor contributions to the Children's Hope Annual Fund.

  • Chaplaincy/Young Life Programs offer Christ and His message of hope, healing and wholeness to children who are recovering from the trauma of abuse, neglect and the family struggles that brought them to Wedgwood.
  • Educational Support Services provdes support to Lighthouse Academy, a unique school on campus for residential clients as well as expelled and educationally at risk students from the community.
  • Employment Training Program offers job skill training to local youth, preparing them for future employment.
  • Prevention Services consists of several community prevention programs designed for teenagers to reduce their vulnerability to teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, substance use, violence, human trafficking and other high-risk behaviors.
  • Wellness Services help address the emotional, mental and physical well-being of residential clients through therapeutic and diverse experieces that create a sense of wholeness.


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