Annual Highlights


Grateful for the generous support of faithful donors and volunteers, and the Lord’s continued blessing, Wedgwood gladly pursues its mission of providing distinctively Christian and professionally excellent services to hurting children and families. The following are a few highlights of services that we have launched or expanded this past year:

  • Expanded after-school treatment program for at-risk urban poor children at Hope Academy of West Michigan
  • Expanded Residential Services for developmentally delayed children
  • Expanded Home-Based Counseling Services and substance abuse counseling services
  • Expanded substance abuse counseling for West Michigan teens
  • Expanded professional counseling services on campus to meet the growing demand for this help
  • Expanded Young Life services at Lighthouse Academy and Hope Academy of West Michigan
  • Expanded Young Life camping services for children
  • Launched Hope Academy of West Michigan, a self-supporting and self-governing general charter school for inner city, at-risk children in the fall of 2011



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