Van Manen Petroleum Group Presents Wedgwood BP Fueling Communities Grant of $3,000

Van Manen Petroleum Group, a BP Branded Marketer servicing BP stations throughout Western Michigan, recently presented a BP Fueling Communities grant donation of $3,000 to Wedgwood Christian Services.

This is the second consecutive year Van Manen Petroleum Group and BP Fueling Communities have donated a gift to Wedgwood Christian Services.

Darin Mulcahy, Director of Sales and Marketing for Van Manen Petroleum Group adds, “We are extremely happy that BP Fueling Communities continues to be a great partner for us and our community. It’s not often that you see a global company make an impact at the local community level. We couldn’t be happier to extend this offer to Wedgwood Christian Services and to continue supporting their efforts to make a better world for troubled and disadvantaged youth here in Michigan.”

The two year total for these grants is now $6,250 gifted to Wedgwood Christian Services.

The BP Fueling Communities program provides grants to local organizations that are nominated by BP’s Branded Marketers to support the communities in which they do business. Fueling Communities gives back to local organizations that support health, education, youth, food and housing to spread charity and goodwill.

Doug Van Hattum, CEO for Van Manen Petroleum Group shared: “We have a long history of being partners in business with Wedgwood Christian Services; we greatly appreciate their business with us over the many years and are happy to give something back in return. They are a tremendous asset to our community and we are privileged to have them working so diligently on their mission. Their mission is all about protecting the children, giving them a safe haven, educating them, and teaching them useful life skills that they can apply in the real world. I couldn’t think of a more deserving organization and we are thrilled that BP accepted our nomination for this grant.”

Wedgwood’s continuum of care is based on their mission statement, “Extending God’s love to youth and families through professional counseling and educational services.” This is accomplished through their Core Services (Community Services, Educational Services, and Residential Services) which are funded by public and government contract sources and through their Transforming Services (Young Life/Chaplaincy, Employment Training Programs, Educational Support Services, Prevention Services, and Wellness Services) which are funded 100% by donor contributions.

Wedgwood plans to funnel the grant into its Children’s Hope Annual Fund to support their Transforming Services.

Darin Mulcahy for Van Manen Petroleum Group agrees, “We often look for special projects to align charitable funds with but they have so many great projects going on that we would rather have them determine what the best usage of this gift should be. Their main focus is helping the children in our community and that’s why we reached out to them in the first place. They are a best in class organization and I would invite other local businesses to reach out and support Wedgwood Christian Services.”


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