53rd Anniversary Celebration Dinner



 Event Details:
  • Tuesday, November 5, 2013
  • Amway Grand Plaza Hotel Ballroom
  • Featuring: Rev. Robert A. Sirico, President, Acton Institute
  • Musical Guest: Wayburn Dean, Executive Director, Other Way Ministries

Wedgwood praised God for his continued blessings and faithful guidance as more than 600 people celebrated 53 years of hope to hurting children. This was a time to show appreciation to all in attendance for their prayers and support throughout the decades and for making the Growing Hope for Children campaign a reality to address the extraordinary and growing needs of our community’s most at-risk children and families. Attendees were honored with the insightful and inspirational presentation by Rev. Robert A. Sirico, President, and Co-founder of the Acton Institute. Rev. Robert Sirico offered a deeply inspiring message on the privilege and responsibilities granted to Christians who earnestly seek to honor their Creator through gifts of prayers, time, or resources to “the least of these” that Jesus frequently spoke of throughout his earthly ministry. By allowing God’s grace to move through us, His purposes for our lives are realized. Wayburn Dean, award winning recording artist and Executive Director of The Other Way Ministries, glorified God through his inspirational songs that were a source of encouragement to all.

Dick and Ethie Haworth were awarded the Doug and Lois Nagel Leadership award for their exemplary investment to provide hope and healing to the hurting children in our community through their encouragement and support of Wedgwood’s ministry for more than 20 years. In honor of their capstone gift to the Growing Hope for Children campaign, Wedgwood’s main campus will be named the “The Dick and Ethie Haworth Campus of Hope.” Thank you, Dick and Ethie, for all you have done to serve hurting children and families in the name of Christ. The Molly Guillaume Volunteer of the Year Award, established this year, is named in honor of Molly’s 40 years of service at Wedgwood, including her many years as the Volunteer Coordinator. Molly and members of the Wedgwood Guilds were the first to receive this special award to express our gratitude for their generous gifts of prayer, time, and talents that have helped transform the lives of thousands of children. We are thankful to all who attended and supported this year’s Anniversary Dinner – your support helped to raise more than $225,000 for the Children’s Hope Annual Fund.

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