Philosophy of Care


Our dedicated staff provides help to children, adults, and families by:

Offering Grace
Since we have been wonderfully saved by grace, we are called to offer a grace-filled culture to others:

  • We accept each person as a special child of God
  • We provide a community of nurture, respect, and protection
  • We offer hope for the future through praise, encouragement, and approval
  • We encourage risk-taking in a forgiving environment that allows for failure
  • We give and ask for forgiveness as God has forgiven us
  • We apply various modalities of treatment that best meet and maximize individual treatment needs and experiences
  • We celebrate the successes achieved

Promoting Healing
Since we have been restored by God, we are called to promote the healing of others:

  • We provide a safe environment free from overt or implied threat
  • We model integrity, fairness, and acceptance so that clients can learn to trust others and themselves
  • We demonstrate empathy towards other’s situations, feelings, and motives that may differ from our own
  • We offer opportunity to examine past hurts, looking forward to repairing, restoring, and developing relationships
  • We provide a structure for daily living that nourishes the client’s ability to succeed
  • We believe that as clients experience success their self-knowledge, self-management, and self-confidence grows
  • We believe all clients have strengths, hopes, and dreams that can be utilized to overcome obstacles in their lives
  • We recognize the full impact of trauma on a client’s life and seek to avoid further, repeated, or re-enacted trauma

Encourage Learning
Since we have been given the God-given gift to learn, we are called to encourage this gift in others:

  • We inspire clients to be all that they can be physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually
  • We provide growth opportunities in academics, recreation, and experiential learning,
  • We model attitudes and behaviors that encourage the development of positive morals, ethics, and values
  • We teach personal accountability that requires taking responsibility for one's actions and one's commitments
  • We assist clients to develop competency in life skills necessary for healthy and productive living

Additional Principles
(what our treatment/care environment is not)

  • Coerced compliance is not a primary treatment goal
  • Group consistency in keeping program rules is not a primary objective of treatment
  • Giving consequences to behavior is not a primary teaching tool
  • Consequences are not program driven but are subject to individual treatment needs
  • Staff will not seek to win power struggles with clients that negate growth-producing discipline and learning
  • Shame is never used as a method of intervention to gain cooperation or compliance
  • Disobedience is not automatically misinterpreted as being deliberately willful, planful, or manipulative. Staff will not engage in re-enacting the client’s past history of rejection and trauma
  • Treatment will seek to be non-physical, non-invasive, and non-restrictive unless physical safety is threatened


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