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Wedgwood Main Office
General Questions, Comments, Concerns
Phone: 616.942.2110
Fax: 616.942.0589

Wedgwood Admissions Department
Residential Treatment
Phone: 616.942.2110
Fax: 616.831.5628

Wedgwood Advancement Department
Events, Donor Relations, Public Relations, Advertising
Phone: 616.942.2392

Wedgwood Bouma Counseling Center
Counseling Services, Neurofeedback, Community Programs
Phone: 616.942.7294
Fax: 616.942.9548

Wedgwood Manasseh Project
Sex Trafficking Education and Services
Phone: 616.644.7517

Wedgwood Pure Passion For Fashion
P2 Fashion Show, Youth Education
Phone: 619.942.7294


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