Family Engagement Therapy (FET)

FET is designed to provide holistic care and hope for women who have school-aged children and struggle with substance use and/or addictions. Wedgwood’s holistic approach begins with a thorough family focused substance use assessment. Creating a comprehensive family treatment plan with the goal of addressing all the different areas of need for the family.

Specialty Pregnancy Assistance (SPA)

SPA was created to improve outcomes for families who are impacted by neonatal abstinences syndrome: a pattern or withdrawal symptoms observed in infants who are prenatally exposed to a variety of substances. This integrated program works to eliminate as many potential barriers as possible in order to maximize a woman’s chances for successful recovery. Highly trained staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of each client, orchestrating staffing and resources between multiple agencies to ensure consumers receive the services they need. 

Consumers enrolled in the SPA program could also be eligible to be in the FET program or SUD Outreach Counseling.

How can I find out if FET or SPA is the best treatment for me, or my family?

The first step is for you and/or your family to complete an assessment. To schedule, call (231) 799-5221 and complete a brief phone intake. During this call, please indicate your interest in the either of the programs and have your insurance information available. 

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